Adventure Writers Competition

Let’s talk for a minute about Clive Cussler. Known as the Grandmaster of adventure fiction, his books have sold millions of copies worldwide, and his work is so beloved by readers that there is a collector’s society dedicated to his stories, made up of enthusiasts, collectors, co-writers, and fans from around the globe. They also sponsor an annual writing competition, and our manuscript Still Life was recently named one of the ten semi-finalists in this year’s contest!

The Adventure Writers Competition, despite the name, isn’t dedicated solely to adventure writing—published and unpublished manuscripts may enter in a variety of genres, such as mystery, thriller, western, and spy novels. The 2021 Competition is their largest to date, and we are very honored to be among the semi-finalists chosen!

Below is the electronic badge that we’ve been given to mark our achievement:

To learn more about the Adventure Writers Competition, and to see the official contest announcement, please visit their website here.