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Adventure Writers Competition

Let’s talk for a minute about Clive Cussler. Known as the Grandmaster of adventure fiction, his books have sold millions of copies worldwide, and his work is so beloved by readers that there is a collector’s society dedicated to his stories, made up of enthusiasts, collectors, co-writers, and fans from around the globe. They also … Continue reading Adventure Writers Competition

The Saturday Evening Post

My short story, “The Self-Made Man,” is officially available to read now online at The Saturday Evening Post! This story is the fifth runner-up in the Post’s ninth annual Great American Fiction Contest, and centers around a traveling carnival and automaton theatre with an especially sinister objective, and the small town where they’ve just arrived. … Continue reading The Saturday Evening Post

A Post about The Post

What would patron saint of this blog, E.B. White, have to say about being published in The Saturday Evening Post? It’s impossible to say, since he never found a home amongst their pages, but F. Scott Fitzgerald did, writing in the fall of 1920, “Then, in November, I sold my first story to the editors of The Saturday … Continue reading A Post about The Post